The Benefits of Alfa Romeo and Fiat Servicing in Kidlington

For some, regular Alfa Romeo servicing and Fiat servicing is usually about making sure there’s enough petrol in the tank and the oil is just above the bottom notch on the gauge. If you’re one of these drivers and you think checking a vehicle before leaving your Kidlington home isn’t completely necessary, we’ll happily undertake your work to prove otherwise.


By booking in for regular Fiat servicing and Alfa Romeo servicing, you ensure maximum performance from your vehicle and avoid costly Fiat repairs or Alfa Romeo repairs in the future. And, as a Fiat 500 specialist based near Kidlington, we know how the smallest of defects can end up costing hundreds of pounds without regular maintenance.


Some of the major benefits to using Alfa Romeo servicing or Fiat servicing have been detailed below and we hope that these tips can help you avoid costly Fiat repairs or Alfa Romeo repairs in the future.


Fiat 500 Specialist in Kidlington


Fiat Servicing or Alfa Romeo servicing helps boost performance and improve fuel economy. Just having regular oil changes will help your vehicle to run more smoothly. Old oil breaks down over time, making it less effective and incapable of lubricating the engine or withstanding heat. This is an obvious cause of concern for Kidlington motorists.


In our capacity as a Fiat 500 specialist, we recommend that oil is changed every 6,000 miles. If left, Fiat repairs could end up costing far more than just a simple oil and filter change.


Having regular Fiat servicing or Alfa Romeo servicing will also increase safety. One of the main parts of the service is making sure that the tyres are safe to be used on the roads of Kidlington and across the UK. If a tyre’s tread is below 1.6mm, it is not dangerous and a potentially life-threatening hazard for you and your passengers; it is also illegal.


It makes sense to check tyre treads regularly between services. We will also check the brake cylinders and pads to make sure they’re working to optimum capacity. Again, we can’t stress the safety benefits of regular Fiat or Alfa Romeo servicing enough.


Another major advantage of Alfa Romeo servicing or Fiat servicing is that they extend the life of your vehicle. When you’ve paid considerable money for a car, the last thing you want is for it to break down. Frequent Alfa Romeo repairs or Fiat repairs will always be more expensive than booking in for servicing at our ‘Italian-only’ garage near Kidlington.


By offering services as a genuine Alfa Romeo and Fiat 500 specialist, we can help keep vehicles run efficiently for longer. Also, a well-maintained Italian car has a higher resale value so, if they do decide to part-exchange or cash in on their vehicle, a fully stamped service book is a sure-fire way for Kidlington motorists to secure the best price.


Call 01993 701010 for Fiat Servicing and Alfa Romeo repairs. We are a Fiat 500 specialist offering complete services at affordable prices to Kidlington motorists.